Monday, September 19, 2016

CT Cluster Frames: Multiple Kits

Good Morning Taggers! As you seen in the title of this post
I am back with another collection of cluster frames 
for you using another 4 kits by Honored Scraps.
These kits range from Dark and almost Gothic feel to light and airy.

I have been catching up with the whole designing thing since 
i have been away, so that is why i have been doing
such posts like this, so bear with me lol.

All of these cluster frame sets and Kit can be found HERE

Here are the previews for the cluster frames i have done this month:

Check them out and if you do purchase and make 
something with any of my cluster frames for 
Honored Scraps...feel free to send them to me and 
ill show them off right here on my blog.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Update and CT Cluster Frames: Multiple Kits

Good Morning Folks, As you have noticed I have 
been away for a long while...since Mid-May to be exact.
And since then a lot has happened in my personal life from insomnia, 
depression, massive weight loss due to stress, death of 3 family members, 
and death of a family pet.

So as you can see I lost my mojo...but it is slowly coming back. And to start off 
slowly getting back into the designing game, I decided to start creating 
some Cluster frames for Honored Scraps.

I want to give a huge Thank you to the CT Teams I am still 
involved with for understanding that real life happens and that 
this is a hobby not a job for a lot of us Designers.

Now onto the previews of the new cluster kits I have made this month!

You can find the kits and clusters for these HERE

The cluster frame pack below is brand new as of today 
and should be up in the store soon!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

CT Tag: Dark Hunt

Good Morning All! Today, I am here to show off a 
CT Design i made before my PC Died on me. 
This design features Rebecca Sinz' Queen of the 
Dark Hunt Tube and i also used a previous Cluster 
frame I made using Star Gazer Kit by Honored Scraps.

You can find Rebecca Sinz tubes HERE

Here is what i made using this tube:

Here is a copy for the artist:

CT Cluster Frames: Rapunzel

Good Morning all. I know i have been gone for awhile...
due to PC issues and Health Issues but I have a couple of things to post 
that i did not long  before my PC died on me.

Today, I am here to show off some new Cluster Frames 
that were made using Honored Scraps: Rapunzel Scrap Kit.

This kit was so me with its fantasy feel and the color scheme

(Cluster Frames will be available Soon)

Example tags will be posted soon, 
I just wanted to get these frames posted to show you what 
can be made with this kit.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

CT Tag: Affections

Good Morning All! Today I am here to show off some new design featuring
Affections Scrap Kit by Ladyhawwk Designs.


Here is what i made using this kit:

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