Sunday, September 19, 2010

Been a Couple of days

Well, been a day or two...nothing really special happens around here... I mean except for the local gossip but what do you expect living in a small ass town. Thank goodness I don't really leave the house unless its to go to the next town and shop at Walmart. Yes, that is right i shop at Walmart for all my day to day stuff. Nothing wrong with that, now is there?

Well, lets see where did i leave off on my first post???
Ahh, i was describing myself...but not too much about me more of my children.

Oh wait, something did happen here actually last twins decided to create a tornado in our bedroom and got into our mail...
McKenzie Wanting to get away from Daddy.
Alexia puckering up showing a bit of attitude

It was freaking hilarious...Alexia started it all by putting the envelope on her head like a sailor's hat.

I can just imagine what my son would have done...there i go thinking of my son. It is desperately hard not to think of him. I wish to god i could see him or at least talk to him. But of course his father wont even contact me to give me the opportunity to talk to him...
Well, i think i will stop there for some Mod stuff to catch up on in Ravens Forums. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

New to Blogger

Good *Early* Morning!
Well, it is official...I finally broke down and made a Blog page. Not like i have never blogged before but this an official place to write. I know you are sitting there thinking *oh boy another lady gonna start QQ'ing about the things in her life.* Well, maybe I will...and then again maybe I won't. You never know what is gonna come out of my mouth at any given time.

Hmm... Well, I guess you want a bit of a clearer picture of who I am, am I right?

Oh well, stuff cookies I will anyways!

 My name is Crystal! Duh, like you didn't see that in the *About Me*. I am divorced (2 yrs now) and a mother of 4 beautiful children. 
I live in Missouri, out where God lost his sandals. LOL, I just love that saying, Don't you? 

My son Cameron, will be 7 y/o in Oct. Isn't he the cutest?? Not the best picture since he does not live with me and i have no contact with him because of his father. That is a long Story, trust me.

 And then I have 17 mth old twins.
Alexia(right) is the smallest but the oldest and then
McKenzie(left) is the youngest and the *ham* for the Camera.
I have no idea what she is doing probably telling her sister to smell her dirty foot.

And last there is Miss Liberty who will be 4 mths on the 20th this month.
She is the last baby I will ever have.

Many think Alexia and Liberty could be the twins...*poor McKenzie*

Well, I think it is time for some late night PSP some challenges in Ravens Forum to complete before their deadline.
Check back tomorrow for more about me and of course some ramblings.

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