Monday, February 29, 2016

CT Tag: Blue Mood (Fundraiser Kit)

Good Morning All! Today I am here to show off some new designs featuring a 
Fundraiser Kit that Daelmans Designs has made called Blue Mood.

The Fundraiser is called "For the love of Zoey" and this 
touches very close to home with me. In 2008 I lost my son to my EX husband, 
and me having to start all over again didnt have money to afford a lawyer. 
So in turn i lost him to my Ex, and have not seen my son since then. 

I would never want that to happen to anyone...especially someone which such a big 
heart as LK Childers' has. 

So rather you love to make tags or if you just want to "Pay it Forward"

The link to the kit (which all sales will be donated to the fundraiser): 

The link to the Go Fund Me page:

Here are some of the designs i have made using this kit:

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