Monday, October 25, 2010


No matter where I go online...whether it is the forums, Facebook, Myspace...etc. popularity seems to rein supreme. I belong to a forum...been a member off and on for at least 5 years. We currently moved our forum to a free based hosting area... and i along with others got it ready for our grand opening. And I know its just me and feeling like my part doesn't count. But it is like every time i prepare a board in advance say a Happy Birthday board for a member i place it in the advanced notice area and then this person goes behind me and replaces it with this highly decorated banner with a PTU tube. And here I am stuck using crappy FTU tubes for banners and tags.
When this person posts a WWO ( Who Wants One) offer, her list gets filled in minutes while my 6 WWOs sit and linger for days with minimum requests.
She is highly educated in the world PSP while i sit and linger trying to figure things out. 

 I know it's just my insecurity when dealing with a mass audience and just wanting to be accepted and appreciated for what I do to help keep the forum moving. But I just am not seeing it lately. I try hard to not let things like this bother me but I can not help the feelings that run through me on a day to day basis.  

I should take my feelings to this person but we are on a team and feel I would end up getting cut off that team before she would. She has more *points* than I do (don't know how the hell that happened) she is thanked more by the other members therefore more *charms* than I am. Her ideas are used more than mine. I could go on and on but i feel like this is just me complaining about something stupid and petty.

We are told we are no better than anyone else in the forum, but i swear there is a click within the Management ranks. I don't wanna feel this way about something stupid and petty. I hate feeling this way but i really don't know how to turn it off.

 Well anyways here is my latest crappy creation in the PSP World.

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