Friday, October 1, 2010


Well, in 15 days my baby boy will be 7 yrs old. And today, starts a 2 week long stretch of depression as I have gone through for the last 2 years. I have missed his birthdays Halloweens and Christmas holidays for the last 2 years. It hurts me even more that I can't get a hold of him on the phone.

I had hoped it would not hurt me as much as it is this year with the fact i knew i wasn't going to be allowed to talk to him. But I was so wrong on that. I have been trying to keep myself busy when on the computer...doing extra work for Raven's ( the psp forum i am a member of) searching for easy to do tuts (Psp Tutorials) but nothing has worked.

I just don't understand how hard it is for my ex to keep me in the loop about our Son. He doesn't have to like me one bit but at least keep my up to date on how he is doing in school, sending pictures, and allowing him to see me. 
What is worse I live so far away. He lives in FL and I live in MO. I still sometimes wish i hadn't move so far away but I couldn't survive in FL with the prices of things. It is so expensive there.

Well, i think i will end this entry with a special tag i made awhile of my first tags ever. Top Left picture is my son, then Alexia bottom left is McKenzie and then Liberty.


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