Friday, October 8, 2010

What are true friends?

What exactly are true friends? I don't know how many times I have sat and pondered this question time and time again. I have these "friends" as they like to call themselves and yet they dont act like friends. I always thought friends were there for each other when things got rough for one. I got friends that say "Oh, I will be over to meet Liberty today." or and I love this one..."If you ever need someone to talk to just call or come on by." I call most times because packing up all 3 lil ones is like an all day event here. But anyways, I would call and then feel rushed off the phone cause they have "things" to do...or they would not pick up the phone even though after driving by their house and their car is there. Oh, here is one that happened recently...received an invite to a Labor Day BBQ I decided we are nice to get out and socialize with other Adults. We arrive at the place we were told it was at and then find out they moved the gathering to another location and no one bothered to tell us. I also ran into a friend i used to work with, and when getting her number again after finding out she changed it to a new number wasnt even her real number. Now why in the hell would you still consider being a friend if all you are doing is lying to me, never being there when things get rough, and making promises you certainly can't keep. 

It's even rougher when you are still pretty new in the area where you live. And considering my background, I was married to a overbearing man...who considered me a cheater if i even said hello to the opposite sex. So i began caving myself into the house with only outlet was the internet to keep me sane. My adult conversations ranged from saying "nh" "gg" and the like on various game sites. And then when my ex husband began playing World of Warcraft i decided to give it a shot and of course there were males playing that game and I was accused of cybering while killing mobs/creatures to complete quests. So I became a hermit. And it continues today...not that my boyfriend cares if i go out of the house and hang with others, I just do it to keep the talk down...since there are some that dislike me because they think i won't let my boyfriend go and hangout at their house. Which is not the case at all i do my best to encourage him to go spend time with his friends. 

So really, What are True Friends?


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